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Pig in a cage looking out with sad expression next to the statement, Kelli Valade: Oppose Animal Cruelty

Kelli Valade, CEO of Denny’s, allows extreme cruelty toward pregnant pigs

Denny’s and its CEO, Kelli Valade, are trying to sweep animal cruelty under the rug.

Amid ongoing national protests at Denny’s restaurants, the company continues purchasing from farms that use intensive confinement methods for pigs.

An overwhelming majority of Americans believe that keeping animals in tiny cages for nearly their entire lives is extremely cruel.

Why does Denny’s do business with this extreme form of animal abuse?

As Denny’s CEO, Kelli Valade must move her company towards adopting more ethical business practices. Pregnant pigs do not deserve to live in cages so small they can’t even turn around. No animal does.

Pig confined in a gestation cage

If Denny’s CEO, Kelli Valade, truly stands for ethical leadership, she should use her influential position to steer the company towards better business practices and ending the extreme confinement of pigs.

Dane Charbeneau
Campaigns Manager
Animal Equality

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