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Thanks to the support of people like you, we are creating a more just and compassionate world for animals.

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Animal Equality takes seriously our designation as one of the world’s most effective animal protection organizations.

We work hard to maximize the impact of every dollar we receive from our generous supporters.

We are grateful to all our donors, whose financial support and dedication to protecting animals make our work possible. When you support the work of Animal Equality, you can be assured that your gift is being used in the most effective way possible. The graph shows how we allocated our resources in 2021 in the United States.

Johanna with her dog
“Having a full-time job and a family to care for makes it impractical for me to become a full-time activist. I decided I needed to become a monthly donor.

As long as Animal Equality is able to create ingenious outreach campaigns like iAnimal and enlist motivated activists willing to sacrifice their time, the least I can do is contribute financially to the effort. I am so impressed with Animal Equality and how they are raising awareness for animals.”

Johanna A.
Animal Equality's supporter