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The Dangerous Job of an Undercover Investigator

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Leading Legal Reforms for Animals in Mexico
January 13, 2022

Animal Equality works around the globe to expose the inhumane treatment of farmed animals, but once an investigation is released, how do we use this information to do even more to help animals?

15 Years Of Working For Animals: Here are the industries we’re up against
December 23, 2021

For 15 years, Animal Equality has worked tirelessly to raise awareness about what happens to billions of farmed animals behind the closed doors of farms and slaughterhouses all around the world. To date, we have investigated more than 800 facilities and were…

15 of Animal Equality’s Most Impactful Public Actions
December 20, 2021

Since Animal Equality was founded in 2006, our team has been at the forefront of driving meaningful changes for animals through strategic and powerful public demonstrations. From carrying out open rescues of animals suffering in factory farms to disrupting the cruel industries…

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Supporter in Focus: Dawn Blomgren
December 3, 2021

Animal Equality’s work on behalf of farmed animals is made possible through the generosity of our amazing supporters. Here we meet Dawn and learn about doing the most good through donations, her love of Latin dance, and why she supports Animal Equality. Thank you, Dawn!

How to Create Your Own Fundraiser for Animal Equality
November 30, 2021

Looking for a way to give back during the holiday season? You can help hundreds of animals by creating a fundraiser for Animal Equality on Facebook! Here's how ...

India: Giant Steps Forward
November 29, 2021

In 2011, a meeting was held between the founders of Animal Equality – Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle and Javier Moreno – and a very determined activist, Amruta Ubale. Shortly after, Animal Equality India was born. Amruta and her team got started immediately.

Soy and Deforestation: Everything You Need to Know
September 28, 2021

In recent years much of the conversation around soy has been heavily focused on deforestation and climate change. And because soy is often a key ingredient in plant-based meals, it is a common misconception that foods promoted as meat and dairy substitutes – such as tofu and soy milk – are driving deforestation. But what is the truth? In this article we answer the most Googled questions about soy, and debunk the main myths about this much-debated bean.

What More Will it Take, Home Chef?
September 13, 2021

Consumers across the globe are demanding more transparency about the sources of their food— especially with regard to animal welfare. In response to public pressure, food companies are committing to do better. But one company has completely ignored calls to raise their standards: Home Chef.

Crying cow on the floor Cow crying on floor
The Butterfly Effect: the power to create change felt around the world
September 11, 2021

Even small actions have the potential to make a global impact. Help protect animals and the planet from devastation: join our fight against industrial farming.

closeup of crying cow Closeup of crying cow
The Truth About Cows Raised for Human Consumption
September 10, 2021

The public deserves the truth. For this reason, Animal Equality's investigators take their cameras where the industry does not want you to see.