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Pig in a gestation crate

Tell Finn Partners to drop Denny’s

FINN Partners is the public relations agency assisting Denny’s amidst their nationwide animal cruelty scandal.

Finn Partners is a marketing and public relations firm aiming to “make a positive impact in the world.” Despite considering themselves “champions of change,” the firm partnered with Denny’s amidst nationwide backlash against their irresponsible stance on pigs suffering extreme abuse.

Pregnant pig in a gestation cage
© Aitor Garmendia

In 2012, Denny’s publicly committed to end the extreme confinement of pregnant pigs in so-called gestation crates, cages so small that pigs can’t even turn around.

More than 10 years later, Denny’s has not made good on their word and allows this cruel practice despite being banned in multiple countries and 11 U.S. states.

Demand THAT FINN PArtners stop doing business with Denny’s

No responsible company would be associated with the cruel treatment of animals.

Tell Finn Partners to oppose animal abuse and drop Denny’s.

Pigs confined in gestation cages during their pregnancy
© Animal Equality | Aitor Garmendia

Animal Equality’s campaign to end animal abuse

Denny’s lack of progress led Animal Equality—with the support of animal advocates and Denny’s customers across the U.S.—to undertake a public information campaign with peaceful protests at Denny’s restuarants in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Nevada, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, and Texas.

The campaign also has included newspaper ads in South Carolina and Texas, direct mailings, online petitions, emails to Denny’s leadership, viral campaign videos, and the support of thousands of people who comment on Denny’s social media pages.

Billboards have been placed in Times Square and Spartanburg, South Carolina (where Denny’s is headquartered) and mobile billboards in multiple cities showing videos of pigs suffering in cages.

NBC and FOX have covered the campaign, including Denny’s refusal to listen to the more than 53,000 messages they have received.

*Images on this website represent factory farms that use cages and do not necessarily come from farms that supply to Denny’s.