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Actress & Activist Richa Moorjani on the Global Dairy Industry

Animal Equality releases a new undercover investigation into dairy production. The investigation features celebrated actress and activist Richa Moorjani, who presents the findings as a look inside the global dairy industry.
June 15, 2023 Updated: August 20, 2023
Richa Moorjani Richa Moorjani, Actress

Typically in front of the camera to film for television shows and movies, actress and activist Richa Moorjani recently found herself in front of Animal Equality’s cameras to help shed light on the global dairy industry. With never-before-seen footage captured by Animal Equality’s undercover investigators in India, Richa is harnessing the power of investigations to share a special message about who is behind every glass of milk and dairy product.

The Investigation Findings 

From 2021 to 2022, Animal Equality’s investigators visited 27 farms, six markets and two slaughterhouses connected to India’s dairy industry. These facilities span across the Indian states of Bihar, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Telangana, and West Bengal. The images captured are among the most shocking evidence of cruelty endured by cows and buffaloes used for dairy.

I’m asking you to not ignore the cruelty or disturbing reality behind every glass of milk or dairy product.

Richa Moorjani, Actress

As shown by investigative footage:

  • Calves are separated from their mothers moments after birth. Male calves are either sold for slaughter or left to die because they are not profitable to the dairy industry. Female calves repeat the cycle of forced impregnation and birth as their mothers because–like humans–they can only produce milk by giving birth.
  • After being separated from their babies, mother cows struggle to produce milk. Instead of allowing the calves to drink their mother’s milk, farm workers resort to extreme methods to increase production. In many instances, the bodies of dead calves are stuffed with hay and placed next to the female cows to make the animals believe they need to continue nursing.
  • Farm workers inject animals with Oxytocin, an illegal hormone that stimulates milk production. This substance was banned due to its harmful effects on animals and humans who consume dairy products laced with it.
  • When females can no longer produce milk, they are sent to slaughter to be killed for their meat.
  • In the markets where calves, cows and buffaloes are sold for slaughter, workers beat and whip weak animals as they force them to load onto the transport truck.
  • Workers painfully handle the genitals of the animals, inserting sticks and fingers, to induce pain and force them to move. Children working in these markets were found imitating this behavior.

As the producer of over 20% of the world’s dairy, this glimpse inside India’s dairy farms and markets shows a bigger picture of an industry that causes significant suffering to cows and buffaloes around the globe. And, as the United States is one of the top importers of dairy products from India, the cruelty found during this investigation brings these issues close to home.

Evidence of Suffering Inside the Global Dairy Industry

In addition to the recent footage in India, Animal Equality has captured disturbing evidence of animal abuse on dairy farms around the world

The findings from these investigations are beyond heartbreaking. The egregious and unspeakable ways in which these innocent and silenced beings are treated just for human consumption shouldn’t be tolerated anywhere in this world.

Richa Moorjani, Actress

In the United States, Animal Equality investigators discovered that a dairy farm in Nebraska supplying Babybel was neglecting its animals and subjecting them to extreme conditions. Calves were found frozen to death as temperatures dropped well below freezing. Investigators captured images of calves whose hooves had separated from their legs. Additionally, the workers were filmed hitting calves and conducting painful procedures, such as castration, without anesthesia.

Calf frozen to death on factory farm
Summit Calf Ranch, Nebraska

In the United Kingdom, Animal Equality captured footage of cows being subjected to violent physical abuse, including being punched and kicked in the face. Investigators also found a pregnant cow left to suffer after her baby died inside her. The images sparked widespread outrage after millions tuned in to watch when the footage aired on the BBC’s popular ‘Panorama’ television program early last year. According to The Grocer, the footage prompted shoppers to ditch dairy products.

Cow shot in head
Madox Farm, Carmarthenshire, South Wales

In Mexico, Animal Equality documented dairy cows crying out in agony as they were subjected to painful procedures, such as dehorning and tail-docking, without anesthesia. The team also observed that sick, injured, and dying animals were left without proper veterinary care.

Baby cow crying for mother
Dairy farm in Jalisco, Mexico

You Can Send A Powerful Message to the Dairy Industry

Like me, you have the ultimate power to choose what you consume. Even if going fully vegan isn’t practical for you right now, every plant-based meal you make or buy goes a long way. Every individual action has an impact, and collectively we can send a powerful message to the industries that exploit and inflict pain for profit.

Richa Moorjani, Actress

Helping cows and other animals being abused on dairy farms is as simple as choosing alternatives to dairy, like replacing milk with nut or oat miks. By joining the compassionate plant-based movement, you can make a positive impact at every meal–for animals, the environment and your health. Start today by trying a new delicious and cruelty-free recipe and inspire others to join you on this journey towards a brighter future for all.

Calf in a dairy farm


 A cow’s maternal instincts foster a gentle bond with her vulnerable calf.

Preserve this tender relationship by choosing plant‑based alternatives to dairy products.

Pig inside a gestation crate looking at the camera


As a compassionate monthly supporter, you can protect animals from cruelty every day. Your support is key to ending their confinement in cages, mutilations, and other abuses.

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