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5 Photos Taken by Our Team That Will Make You Rethink Eating Eggs

Animal Equality has carried out several investigations into egg farms. These are some of the most shocking images taken from inside these facilities.
August 22, 2022

Over 300 million hens are used and killed each year for their eggs. Due to the fact that the egg industry hides its practices, many people may think that eating eggs doesn’t imply cruelty, but nothing could be further from the truth. This album will help us understand the nightmare these delicate and innocent animals endure.

1. Debeaking

When hens are just a few days old, a large portion of their beak is cut off with a hot blade. This is an extremely painful procedure, done while the animal is fully conscious. Many animals suffer from pain due to debeaking during the two years they spend in a farm.

2. Living amongst dirt

Hens are not only crammed together, they also live amongst ammonia and feces as the bird’s feces fall through the piles of cages and land on top of other birds. The cages and sheds are filthy. This is an environment where disease and death are rampant.

3. Crammed for life

Hens are kept in spaces so tiny they can barely move. These animals never see the light of day or breath fresh air. In a factory farm, a hens life is completely artificial, the light and feeding times are controlled so the animal will produce as many eggs as possible.

Due to the horrific conditions, many birds go completely featherless, break their bones and die in the cages. When an animal dies, many times, her body rots in the cage while the rest of the birds try their best to survive. Hens will live in these conditions for two years, after that they will violently be pulled out of the cage and sent to slaughter where they will be killed while fully conscious.

In nature hens enjoy sunbathing and dust baths. Hens are social and curious animals that take care of their babies. Making them live in such unnatural conditions is cruel. 

4. Death

Some hens are so sick and exhausted that they die before being sent to slaughter. During our investigations, we were able to take dozens of photos like the one below and report that no veterinary treatment is ever given to sick and dying animals.

5. There is hope

This beautiful hen was rescued by Animal Equality from a factory farm. When we rescued her she was completely de-feathered, she had never felt the grass or the sun on her body. She now lives in a caring and loving home.

She is an example of how much these animals need us. Please, keep eggs out of your diet. It’s easy, healthy and saves lives!

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May 23, 2023

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