Monkey Reunited With Family After Kidnapping

Pune – On the 20th June 2015, a person visiting Varandha Ghat, a nature spot located in Pune – India, witnessed a group of men brutally capturing a monkey with the help of a nylon rope which was used as a trap. 

Animal Equality India took action and researched this issue, which led us on to investigating this horrific case of animal injustice. The Wildlife Authorities were contacted and a report was filed by the local forest department.

After the organization conducting its own investigation Animal Equality revealed that the men involved in the illegal capture of the monkey were ‘sarpa mitra’, which means they were involved in the trafficking of wild animals. They were well known to be active in the wildlife trading. These findings were shared with the Indian authorities.
Amruta Ubale coordinator for Animal Equality India reported on a media interview: “The rapidness and ease with which the man caught the monkey indicates he is experienced and could mean the monkeys caught in the past may have been trafficked.”

On June 30th the men surrendered themselves at a local forest office after hiding for 10 days. It was discovered that a team of five people had been involved in capturing the monkey.

The next day, on July 1st, the authorities planned to release the monkey at the same location from where the animal was captured. Animal Equality accompanied the authorities to oversee the release and to make sure the animal was reunited with the family and adapted to the surroundings.