The Largest Animal Sacrifice in the World Begins

The Gadhimai festival began on Friday, November 28th in Nepal. Millions of devotees attended the mass sacrifice to slaughter thousands of buffalo, goats, lambs, birds and other animals in order to honor the Hindu goddess Gadhimai.

It is calculated that several hundred thousands of animals will be killed this year at the Gadhimai festival. The animals are killed with knives, axes and swords in the presence of others, many of them don't die after the first strike because the knives used aren't sharp enough. Many animals struggle until they die while others are forced to witness.

Animal Equality has actively campaigned to stop the Gadhimai festival for several months and we have achieved significant success. Our branch in India managed to get the Indian government to direct the SSB (State Security Board) to restrict the movement of animals during the festival. 

We also gathered over 31,000 online signatures directed to the Nepalese government and officials urging them to ban the killing of animals during the festival. During the last month our volunteers in the area have carried out an intensive campaign working with villagers and temple priests to encourage them to attend the ritual without killing animals. 

Animal Equality is currently working at the Indo-Nepal border making sure the order is enforced. Hundreds of animals have already been saved thanks to the work of our team of volunteers. 

Unfortunately, despite the international outcry against this festival, the Nepalese government has not only decided to continue with the massacre, they have also banned any filming or photographing during the festival. 
Secretary Shrestha reveals that the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation has already directed Bara administration to stop any kind of filming/photography during the Gadhimai Fair. “The ministry cannot speak about whether to allow sacrifice or not. But photos and videos of that has seriously harmed Nepal’s tourism and culture,” he states. He says filming ban has been imposed this year as the foreigners have expressed concern due to the video filmed during the last edition five years ago.” Animal Equality urges the government to show compassion for animals and stop the massacre immediately.