Kathrin’s Story: An Animal Equality investigator

Kathrin is an Animal Equality investigator and has recently participated in a tough investigation in one of the largest duck breeding farms in Germany. Here she reveals some of her feelings.

“After documenting the conditions of the animals in the farm, I noticed a duck that was face up unable to move. When I approached her, she looked at me with her bright blue eyes. I carefully slid my hand beneath her back to help her. When she tried walking by putting one foot in front of the other, she tripped and fell back in my arms … I held her gently and carried her to the water dispenser.

She barely reacted. I wondered if she had already given up. I offered her some water. She then started drinking, using her beak to drink water from my hand … I could feel her heartbeat, the warmth of her body while she was leaning on me and I could not help but begin to cry.

The fate of this duck affected me a lot even though there were thousands like her around us. I wanted to help all of them right then. ”

Thanks to Kathryn’s courage, our investigation into the largest duck farm in Germany has been published in newspapers such as Spiegel and Stern, reaching millions of people.

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