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New Investigation Reveals The Horrors Of The Dairy Industry

In a video recorded with hidden cameras, you can see farmers and slaughterhouse personnel cruelly mistreating calves after being separated from their mothers.
December 5, 2015 Updated: August 26, 2022
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The New Zealand based animal protection organizations, Farmwatch and SAFE, have just released a terrifying investigation into the dairy industry. For two years, researchers from these organizations documented farms and slaughterhouses all across the country. Last Sunday, the investigation was aired on national television and it’s causing a huge controversy. In a video recorded with hidden cameras, you can see farmers and slaughterhouse personnel cruelly mistreating small and helpless calves after being separated from their desperate mothers. Each year in New Zealand, 2 million of these babies are inhumanely separated from their mothers and sent to slaughter. Farmers separate babies from their mothers within hours after birth and send them to slaughter when they are only 4 days old.

Farmwatch investigator, John Darroch, declared that “the separation of calves from their mothers when they are only one day old is part of the process of the entire dairy industry. Dairy products would not exist without this separation. Even on farms with improved animal welfare standards, calves are separated from their mothers the day they are born.” “We’ve been getting calls from people living in rural areas for years, including farmers, asking us to investigate the treatment of calves in the industry,” Darroch told the reporters. Now, representatives of the dairies, slaughterhouses, and the government itself have to answer uncomfortable questions from the media.


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