Countdown to Critical Vote in California

We’re just a month away from Election Day (November 6), and early voting has already started in some California counties! This election, it’s essential that Californian’s vote YES on Proposition 12, also known as Prevent Cruelty California.

Proposition 12 will improve space requirements for calves farmed for veal, mother pigs, and hens farmed for eggs and ensure eggs, pork, and veal sold in the state come from farms that meet these standards. The initiative is especially important for hens farmed for eggs, as it will require cage-free housing, minimum space requirements, and key enrichments (perches, nesting boxes, and dust-bathing materials), within a reasonable timeline protecting the interests of family farmers.

Locking farmed animals in tiny cages for their entire lives causes extreme suffering and poses significant food safety risks. These animal deserve so much better – that’s why it’s essential to vote YES on Prop 12 this November. Let’s continue California’s track record of being a leader in animal welfare!

Prop 12 is supported by the California Democratic Party, nearly 500 California veterinarians, more than 100 California farmers, the California Labor Federation, the Center for Food Safety, and many of the most impactful animal protection organizations in the country, including Animal Equality.

Here’s how you can help and get involved:

Share this video!

Donate to the campaign so we can reach even more people with the #YesOn12 message!

Host a House Party!

Show your support with a lawn sign, shirt, hat, and other swag!

Print a poster! You can ask local stores and restaurants to show their support by posting a sign in their front window!

Have some more questions? Read over the FAQ page.

Responses to Opponents’ Deceptive Claims About Prop 12.