Animal Equality’s Plans for 2015

At Animal Equality we have been working very hard this January. The organization had it’s international meeting a few days ago and we have great projects planned for the year ahead of us. Here are some of the most important projects we will be working on.

New international investigations: This year we have planned to carry out groundbreaking investigations in India, China, Mexico, Spain, England, Germany and many other countries. Though our main focus will be farmed animals we have also planned to present investigations revealing the cruelty of bullfighting events and zoos amongst others. Learn more about our investigations here.

Crackdown on foie gras: In 2014 we managed to get a ban in the importation of foie gras in India, and in 2015 we will also work intensely to help get a ban in the production and importation of foie gras in as many countries as possible.

Learn more about our work against foie gras here.

Ending the cat and dog meat trade: Our investigation team is planning another key trip to China in 2015. During the trip our investigators will once again go undercover to expose the cruel dog and cat meat trade and work collaboratively with groups in China to help end it. Learn more about our campaign against the dog and cat meat trade here.

A new veg site: We understand that people need to have as many resources as possible in order to take steps towards eating less meat or going meat-free. That is why Animal Equality is creating a brand new responsive site with all the information people need to help them make the transition to a more compassionate lifestyle. The sight will be presented in 8 different countries including the US, England, Mexico, Germany and Italy.

Being the best we can be: In 2014 Animal Equality was ranked as a top charity by Animal Charity Evaluators, that is one of the 3 most effective organizations in the world. Our focus on effectiveness and having as most of an impact as possible will continue in 2015 as we will be measuring the impact of many of our campaigns. Read the full review here.

This is only a sneak a peek at all the work we will be carrying out this year. Support our efforts today and help us carry our lifesaving mission. Because just like you we believe in a world where everyone is respected no matter their species.