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7 Photos That Will Make You Rethink That Plate of Bacon

May 27, 2015 Updated: July 26, 2022

Animal Equality infiltrated the Italian pig industry exposing shocking footage that shows the misery these innocent animals endure. Here are 7 photos taken in Italy but that summarize what happens in all pig farms around the world.

1. Baby pigs tails are cut while fully conscious

2. 10% of baby piglets die in farms

3. Extremely painful infections and diseases go untreated

4. Rectal prolapses, a condition in which the rectum exits the anus, are common

5. Mother pigs are kept in gestation crates where they can’t even turn around

6. The dead lie amongst the living

7. This is where it all ends

Choose compassion. Please try going meat-free today. 

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