What is Prevent Cruelty California?

It’s history in the making!

A coalition of organizations that includes Animal Equality is working together to place a measure on the November 2018 ballot that would end extreme confinement for farmed animals in California as well as the importation of products that come from animals locked in cages into the state. This measure would significantly reduce the suffering of pigs, calves, and hens. Intelligent animals who on modern factory farms spend most of their lives in cages so small they can barely move.

Learn more about the cruelty behind the meat and egg industry.

Bu this important measure, if passed, would also protect the environment as farms that lock animals in cages produces enormous amounts of waste.

It is also an important measure for consumer safety, as extreme methods of confinement threaten the health and safety of California consumers and they pose an increase in the risk of food-borne illness.

This initiative is endorsed by over 20 organizations, hundreds of veterinary professionals and several elected officials.

What can you do? Support this initiative at preventcrueltyca.com