This Lamb Thinks She’s a Sheep Dog After Being Raised by Collies

What’s a lamb to do amongst a Border Collie family? Well, be a Border Collie too!

She definitely breaks and defies all preconceptions some often have regarding sheep. Pet, the sheep, was adopted by her housemates as she struggled to survive after her birth in April. For this reason, the caring Collie’s treated her as their daughter and possibly saved her from death.

Pet is now just under a year old and her behavior resembles that of a dog rather than a sheep’s. She wags her tail, especially when she knows she is going for a walk, and also loves snoozing by her fellow collie housemates.

Mackenzie, the owner, says that Pet’s connection with the dogs was almost instant and their bond is inseparable. This union and love between two species raises an important concern and sends a strong message: love doesn’t depend on species. Afterall, farm animals and the animals we usually keep at home such as cats and dogs, are not as different as some like to believe. All animals enjoy love and being cared for whilst trying to live a pain-free life without suffering.