Shocking New Video Shows Reality of Italian Slaughterhouses

Animal Equality Italy has released a horrifying new video with scenes shot inside an Italian slaughterhouse showing the brutal killing of pigs.

THE DETAILS: The video, filmed in Lombardy and obtained through the work of our investigators, shows the intense suffering and agony pigs experience during their slaughter. The brutal procedures are often performed without complying with local laws, in particular, those relating to stunning and mistreatment.

WHAT WE SAW: The slaughter our investigators witnessed was savage, with many pigs left to bleed to death while still conscious. Some of the scenes documented in the footage:

  • Animals slaughtered while still conscious
  • Operators pushing pigs with an electric prod
  • Pigs trying to escape
  • Ineffective stunning
  • Animals hanging from their legs while still conscious

THE BACKGROUND: Since the beginning of 2018, Animal Equality Italy has systematically released videos and testimonies that show what happens inside Italian slaughterhouses, showing the suffering of many farmed animals. We have also collected the support and signatures of over 140 thousand Italian citizens who have asked for change and new reform legislation.

THE FUTURE IS NOW: Many European countries have already moved to minimize the brutality of slaughter. In Great Britain, for example, the introduction of closed-circuit television cameras monitor slaughterhouses for improprieties. A similar measure is currently being piloted in France.

WHAT WE’RE SAYING: “Despite the political stalemate, it’s essential we move forward to find concrete solutions. As shown by our video evidence and investigations, it’s necessary to introduce specific laws that will minimize the suffering of all those animals who are sentenced every year to slaughter in our country” says Matteo Cupi, Executive Director of Animal Equality Italy.

WHAT WE’RE DOING: Animal Equality has been working to reduce the suffering of animals during slaughter and to this end, a petition was launched to obtain, among other various requests, the installation of closed-circuit television cameras in Italian slaughterhouses. Our efforts are making a difference, but only thanks to the life-changing work of our investigators. With your continued support, the horrors we witnessed in Italy will soon be a thing of the past.