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Meet The Most Numerous Animal In The World

We have turned the lives of these animals into an industrial chain of suffering, antibiotics, and cruelty.
January 20, 2016 Updated: September 19, 2018

No, they don’t live in the African savannas, wander the skies, nor migrate long distances. In fact, they are not even free. Actually, they just get to live for about 40 days. Why? Because we eat them at that age. Their lives are a true nightmare.

Yes, few think about it, but the most numerous animal is actually the chicken raised for meat. There are currently around 20 billion “broiler” chickens in the world. That’s three chickens for every human being on the planet.

We have turned the lives of these animals into an industrial chain of suffering, antibiotics, and cruelty.

They live very close to you, but you never see them alive. You will only know of their existence when you see them neatly packaged at the supermarket.

They live in huge farms with artificial light and no windows. Chickens live amongst their own excrement, breathing ammonia from their droppings, and therefore develop lung problems.

Did you know that antibiotics are supplied to all of them through the food and water they drink? Sick or not, they are medicated to avoid the diseases they would most likely succumb to from living in such extreme conditions.

These animals have been genetically selected and hybridized to grow as fast as possible. Thus, they are sent to slaughter at a young age to provide more economic benefits to the cruel meat industry.

They grow so fast that their muscle mass is too heavy to be able to stand and many die in agony, unable to access food and water.

Any animal lover would feel sick after understanding the extent of the unnecessary animal abuse. These fragile and wonderful animals deserve much more than the infinite suffering to which they are destined in the hands of the meat industry.

If you want to help chickens and the rest of the farm animals, you can consider cutting out meat in your diet.

It’s easier than ever, and we can help you! There are so many great alternatives for delicious and healthy food without the meat. You can do it! Millions of people around the world are already on the animals’ side!

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