Help for Hens: Barilla Confirms Commitment to Ban Cruel Cages in Brazil

Pasta giant Barilla affirms commitment to banning cages from its egg supply chain in Brazil following discussions with Animal Equality, Humane Society International, and Forum Animal.

Pasta giant Barilla recommitted to banning cages from its egg supply chain in Brazil. The policy, which will be implemented by 2020 and reduce the suffering of thousands of hens, follows discussions with Animal Equality, Humane Society International and Forum Animal.

Barilla is the first in the Brazilian pasta sector to commit to eliminating cages from its egg supply chain. In doing so, the Italian multinational joins other major food players such as McDonald’s, Burger King and, most recently, International Meal Company, in committing to end the cruel confinement of egg-laying hens in Brazil. Animal Equality also led negotiations with International Meal Company, a restaurant group with brands across Latin America, which committed to banning cages by 2022.

Present in more than 100 countries, Barilla is the world leader in the pasta market, with a 12 percent share in the Brazilian pasta market and 3.7% in the Brazilian egg pasta segment. The company, which used to work with only imported whole grain products, launched a line of egg pasta produced locally in Brazil in 2013. Because Barilla is such a big egg purchaser, its ban on cages will impact an enormous number of hens who will now be able to stretch their wings and walk freely–basic abilities birds confined in cages are denied.

Animal Equality launched its Corporate Outreach department in September 2016 with the goal of banning cages confining egg-laying hens in Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Italy, and India.

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