BREAKING: Hens Kept in Illegal Cages on Indian Egg Farms

Battery cages on egg farms are a blatant violation of Indian law. 

Animal Equality’s eye-opening investigation into the Indian egg industry reveals the industry is still using cruel and illegal battery cages in spite of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act prohibiting it.

We investigated several egg farms between August and December 2016 in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, and Haryana, which are known for their egg production. They found:

  • Four to eight hens crammed in a cage no bigger than two iPads.
  • Hens stepping on each other in an attempt to find space to move.
  • Hens with sore, cracked, and deformed feet from the wire floor of the cages
  • Overcrowded cages are usually stacked one on top of another, causing urine and feces to fall onto birds in lower cages.
  • Hens missing their feathers and suffering from abrasions and skin irritations, probably due to the high concentration of ammonia from their litter.
  • Litter collected in huge piles underneath the stacked cages and was only disposed of once every few weeks. This lack of timely disposal can lead to disease and death among the birds.

These cruel battery cages are common despite Section 11(1)(e) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960 which prohibits confining birds in battery cages, and the Animal Welfare Board of India’s advisory to all the states, which directed the industry to phase out battery cages by 2017.

Amruta Ubale, Executive Director of Animal Equality said: “It is 2017 and yet there is still no sign of phasing out these cruel and illegal battery cages. All the countries within the European Union have banned battery cages. Why is India, a nation known for ahimsa (nonviolence) lagging behind?”

She added: “Battery cages are against our law and our values. The state governments must step in and implement the ban.”

Take action now and demand the Indian government enforce the existing ban on battery cages!