Green Hill Seized and the 2,500 Dogs Finally ‘Go home’ Starting Friday


The announcement was made together with Italy’s State Forest Police, who also said that 50% of the confiscated beagles are 3-8 months old, and many are pregnant as adult females have been used to produce puppies for research.

The dogs were seized during inspections last week, in preparation for the closure of the facility, which is owned by the multinational company, Marshall Farms – a commercial breeder of animals for vivisection based in the States.

Police have also said that three managers at the facility are under investigation for animal cruelty following their inspections.

The animals are now are legally taken care of by the Italian animal rights organization, LAV, and environmental advocacy group, Legambiente. But Marshall Farm is appealing to the Courts, so there is a risk that the dogs may still be returned to the facility.

All organizations involved in the campaign, including Fermare Green Hill, are now assisting with placing the dogs in homes. Over 2,000 requests for adoptions have been received, and are being currently processed. It has been stated that the dogs can only be adopted out to homes in Italy.

Green Hill hasn’t legally closed yet, but for now, campaigners have the task of removing 2,500 dogs from the farm in less than 10 days, starting from Friday 27th July.