CDC Says Chicken Causes The Most Foodborne Illnesses

According to a new study published by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), chicken is the most likely food to make people sick.

Since 9.4 million people suffer from foodborne illnesses every year, the CDC examined which foods are the most responsible. Researchers analyzed US data between 2009-2015 and found that chicken products are the most dangerous. Pig products came in second place as a common source of foodborne illness. Seeded vegetables third.

Responding to the study Jose Valle, Animal Equality’s co-founder and Director of Investigations, said: “This latest CDC study highlights that raising chickens for meat not only causes tremendous suffering to sensitive, intelligent birds, but also presents multiple potential health risks for the people who consume them.”

Chicken farms are breeding grounds for bacteria because chickens are kept confined in dirty warehouses where they are packed tightly with thousands of others birds, the report states. With no space to move, chickens live in their own feces. Additionally, chickens’ immune systems are weakened by the stressful conditions they are forced to endure, causing them to become sick more easily. After chickens are killed, their body parts are sometimes processed in unsanitary handling facilities which increases the likelihood of contamination. Normal food preparation techniques, such as rinsing a chicken in the sink, only helps to spread bacteria around the kitchen.

Chicken products carry bacteria from chickens’ bodies to consumers’ mouths. To avoid foodborne illnesses and prevent cruelty to farmed chickens, try incorporating plant-based chicken products into your diet.