All Green Hill Beagles Finally Freed!


Yesterday (September 20), the last 170 beagles who were still inside the facilities of Green Hill were finally freed, meaning the breeding center is completely empty!

At a ceremony celebrating the adoptions, Senate Speaker Renato Schifani said that he hoped “animal experimentation comes to an end soon”.

Green Hill, situated in the north of Italy, was breeding beagles to then be sent to laboratories for scientific experiments. Following numerous protests and wide-spread public outcry, the police seized 2,500 dogs during inspections of the complex, and three company managers have been probed for animal cruelty.

A mother and her two puppies were the last ones freed. They were delivered to their new home on Thursday after a month of rehabilitation in a canine center. The puppies had health issues, and the mothers had never seen sunlight and could not drink normally since they were hydrated through a forced-drip system when in captivity. But today they have a new home a will never have to go back to Green Hill.