A New Animal Equality Investigation Reveals Shocking Torture to Lambs Raised for Their Meat in Italy


A new undercover investigation reveals shocking images inside farms and slaughterhouses in Italy. The release coincides with the beginning of the holiday season when lambs are traditionally consumed.

On Monda,y April 14, Animal Equality Italy published the findings of its new investigation inside lamb farms and slaughterhouses. Animal Equality’s investigation team documented two farms and two slaughterhouses located in Lazio and Lombardia.

The images show how lambs are slaughtered without prior stunning, and the horrible conditions in which they are raised on farms. The video also includes footage of how they are hung from their weak limbs, and weighed, just before sent to slaughter. This method can cause fractures and injuries.

The video narrated by the Italian actress Claudia Zanella forms part of a two-year campaign, which began last year. “Salva un Agnello” (Save a Lamb), has had a great impact on Italian society, and after releasing the investigation in 2013, lamb consumption was reduced by 40% during the Easter Holidays.  An estimate of 800,000 lambs are killed during the holiday season and more than 3,000,000 in a year.