6 Things We’re doing to Stop the Dog and Cat Meat Trade

Things are changing for animals in China thanks to the work of organizations and activists in the country and abroad. Since 2013 Animal Equality has been working to be part of the solution! Here is a summary of some of the most important work we have carried out to end the cruel cat and dog meat trade.

1. Groundbreaking Investigations

Animal Equality has carried out two extensive investigations into the Chinese dog and cat meat industry. Thanks to the work of our undercover investigators millions of people are learning about the abuse cats and dogs are suffering in China.

‘I still have visions of these animals thrashing around in agony whilst being hung up and stabbed. I will never forget the horror in their eyes. And there was nothing I could do to help them. All I could do was record the events so that as many people as possible can witness the fate of these animals and speak out against this abuse.’ Animal Equality undercover investigator.

Animal Equality will be releasing new landmark investigations into the dog and cat meat industry in the next months. Please support them. 

2. International media work

Our campaign against the dog and cat meat industry has reached international media such as the CNN, Sky News or El Mundo.

3. Collaborating with groups in China

Thanks to the collaboration of Animal Equality with Chinese organization Volunteer Centre of Guanzhou we managed to close 33 markets selling cats and dogs and a dog slaughterhouse in 2013. 

Chinese animal advocates from the organization Volunteer Centre of Guanzhou used the footage obtained by Animal Equality -which highlighted the illegal and cruel trade in such establishments- to report the illegal trade to the authorities. Nanhai authorities then decided to shut down the markets as well as illegal dog slaughterhouse located close to the markets.

4. Telling their stories

Vita is a female dog rescued by Animal Equality from a dog slaughterhouse. 

‘We found Vita at a slaughterhouse in Zhanjiang -one of the thousands of dog slaughterhouses across China. As soon as we arrived, we noticed her pleading eyes and trembling body. When the slaughterman was killing the other dogs, her eyes begged me to get her out of there. We gained the trust of the workers, we then tricked them and managed to smuggle Vita out with us.’ Investigator who rescued Vita.

Her story is incredibly powerful and has already been shared by thousands of people. Please make sure you share it. 

5. Collecting thousands of signatures

Animal Equality has managed to raise over 400,000 signatures against the dog and cat meat trade. In the next months we will be bringing these signatures to the Chinese embassies in different countries. Please sign and stay tuned here. 

6. Speaking the language

A great number of Chinese people are against the dog and cat meat trade. We know they are a part of the solution, that is why our main page of the dog and cat meat industry is in Chinese. 

We are committed to continuing giving voice to these silenced victims. Will you help us?