Shocking Cruelty in Lamb Industry Revealed Once Again

International – Through the release of a new video showing the life of a lamb in 60 seconds, Animal Equality launched on Saturday, March 22nd it’s 2015 ‘Save a Lamb’ campaign.

The video was filmed entirely by Animal Equality undercover investigators in farms and slaughterhouses in Italy. The practices shown in the footage are standard and common practice in the meat industry.

“The undercover investigation conducted by Animal Equality in different farms and slaughterhouses in Italy, reveal the brutality associated with the consumption of meat during the Easter holiday. The living conditions of these animals are terrible, some of them are left dead or sick to rot among other animals still alive.

The images collected in slaughterhouses are even worse: the lambs are crammed into small enclosures, with no space to move. There are numerous violations of the animal welfare laws but the worst thing is the ease with so much violence is carried out. The workers do not seem to derive great pleasure from torturing animals and have simply accepted these practices as normal. Animal Equality has once again played a valuable service by raising the question whether it is right to continue to support such brutality and violence.” commented John Sorenson, Professor of Sociology of Brock University in Canada.

‘Save a lamb’ is one of the most important campaigns carried out by Animal Equality. The campaign started in 2013, year in which the organization managed to reduce lamb consumption 40% in Italy during the Easter holiday. This meant 320,000 lambs less were killed that year in the country. In 2014, and thanks to the campaign, lamb consumption was reduced 50% during the same period.

This is not the first time Animal Equality investigates and shows footage inside the lamb industry, Animal Equality investigated the lamb industry in Spain in 2009.

Animal Equality has also rescued several lambs from slaughter and taken them to sanctuaries to be taken care of.