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5 Mind Blowing Facts About Fish You’ve Never Heard Before

Marine biologist Sylvia Earl once said, “I never eat anyone I know personally,” referring to fish’s individual personalities. Scientists agree: Fish are sensitive and smart. They can use tools and, contrary to what some may think, retain long-term memories. These facts about fish will leave you wanting to do some more research about these amazing animals!
June 29, 2015

1. Many fish can see in the dark better than cats.

2. Some species of fish can identify other individual fish’s levels of stress!

3. After swimming for thousands of miles, salmon can identify the water they were born in simply by its smell.

4. Many fish elaborate complex mental maps of their surroundings. They learn where to find food, who to trust or be afraid of, and even who to mate with.

5. Contrary to popular belief fish have great memories. Rainbow fish remembered how to escape a tank 11 months after having done it the first time. This is as if a human remembered a lesson learned 40 years ago.

The science is clear. Fish not only feel they also have amazing capabilities.

So it’s time to leave fish out of your diet by trying some delicious and healthy substitutes like these!

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