At Animal Equality, we place our mission at the forefront of everything we do. We know we couldn’t achieve our mission without a strong and empowered team. Strong and empowered teams are the key to saving animal lives. We thrive in a strong culture of grit and accountability where team members do their best work, all for the benefit of animals.

You can learn more about the impact our team has on millions of animals on our Animal Equality’s Impact Report. Last year our work impacted an estimated 34 million animals across the globe — a tremendous accomplishment that you made happen.

Animal Equality 2023 Impact Report
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Quarterly all staff calls allow us to get to know each other better, go over the status of our OKRs, and hear about the amazing work our colleagues are doing all over the world.

At least once per year each office has a team building day as a way to bond and have some fun together outside of the office.

We host international Sharing & Learning sessions one to two times per month where we invite all staff to join a video presentation led by an expert on a topic related to our work.

We conduct an annual engagement survey to help us better understand the ways in which we can improve as an organization. We want to make sure our employees feel heard.

We host weekly water cooler chat video calls as a way to connect our remote staff with employees in a casual way that they may not otherwise have the opportunity for.

How we approach diversity & Inclusion

At Animal Equality we pride ourselves to be a global team, working in eight countries with strong country leadership in every region we are advocating for animals. We are flexible and make arrangements that work for everyone in the organization regardless of where they are based and their time zone.
To ensure consistency and fairness in our hiring practices, all managers have been trained on Animal Equality’s interviewing and hiring protocol. The protocol includes a consistent interview and feedback process, emphasizing objectivity in evaluation, and training on bias that often occurs in recruitment. We also believe in involving more people in the interview process enabling us to include diverse perspectives when evaluating candidates.

We, of course, prioritize culture fit, but we are also very cautious of bias that can occur in the hiring process. We are looking for people who are aligned with our mission, but other than that, we respect and enjoy all of our differences. We want a diverse staff who bring a variety of ideas and experiences to their work.

Animal Equality has eliminated unnecessary requirements from job descriptions such as college degrees when it is not specifically required for a position. We make our salary benchmark public when we post a role and we pay special attention to how and where we post open roles to help facilitate attracting a diverse candidate pool.
We also are proud to prioritize paying our interns, leveling the playing field for candidates with different financial means.


At Animal Equality we believe that we should pay people fairly and competitively. The way we ensure we are doing this is through analysis. We have undergone salary benchmarking exercises in every country we operate in. We adhere to salary bands that we have identified for each position. Additionally, we offer an annual cost of living increase to ensure that our wages remain fair, taking into account inflation.

We always look to fill roles from within whenever possible, by promoting our employees. We also create growth plans for our employees so they understand the ways in which they can develop professionally and grow with the organization.