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A new documentary promises a comprehensive look into the animal movement 

A new documentary titled Humans and Other Animals promises to be your go-to introduction to the animal movement. The film, which will debut on July 12, gives a comprehensive, entertaining and non-graphic look into the “whys and hows of the animal movement.” Animal Equality’s President and Co-founder, Sharon Núñez, is set to appear in the film.

Years in the making, Humans and Other Animals is an easy-to-understand film that includes evidence for nonhuman animals’ sentience and the philosophical case for taking other animals seriously. The film dives into investigations inside factory farms, exposing the suffering of farmed animals and presenting practical steps individuals and institutions can take to prevent such suffering.

Tickets to attend regional premieres throughout the United States are now available at HumansAndOtherAnimalsMovie.com/watch.

Following the theatrical premieres, Humans and Other Animals will be on streaming platforms beginning in August. Details will be announced to the film’s email list, which can be joined by visiting the film’s website.

Humans and Other Animals was written and directed by Mark DeVries, who is known for his award-winning documentary Speciesism: The Movie.

A go-to introduction to the animal movement

Humans and Other Animals provides a non-graphic look into the use of animals in “bizarre and disturbing ways” and the movement dedicated to exposing this cruelty.

The science—how other animals possess what we thought was unique to humans:

  • Do other animals not only use tools but make tools? Travel through Africa to witness humans’ closest living relatives—including a group of chimpanzees that have begun creating and hunting with spears.
  • Do other animals actually speak with one another? Contrary to popular belief, the answer is a resounding yes. Meet the scientist who discovered that prairie dogs use language—with nouns, verbs, and adjectives.
  • Do other animals have extended families in which members understand their relationships with one another? Visit the team of researchers that has spent over half a century observing the stunning complexity of elephant families.
  • And that’s just the beginning…

The investigations—how powerful, secretive industries rely on keeping the truth hidden:

  • Take a dangerous trek to remote parts of Thailand where elephants are held while not on display for tourists—and meet the woman who has faced death threats for lifting the veil on it.
  • Humankind’s biggest direct use of nonhuman animals is industrialized animal agriculture—factory farming. With the help of ingenious disguises and custom-built investigative equipment, factory farms are revealed in new ways.

The philosophy—how a philosophical idea is changing the world:

  • A simple philosophical argument is challenging the widespread belief in human superiority to other animals. A quickly growing number of people across the political spectrum are concluding that this “common sense” view reflects a deeply held prejudice—speciesism—that makes our use of animals in these industries one of the greatest wrongs in history.
  • Meet those at the forefront of humankind’s changing view of nonhuman animals, and hear what they are aiming to achieve—and how they are accomplishing it.

Ethics into action:

  • Humans around the globe are standing up for other animals, and this film introduces some of the individuals who have dedicated their lives to the cause—and what they are accomplishing.
  • Each of us has the power to make a difference for animals—because our consumer choices have a direct impact on the number of animals in factory farms. These empowering truths are brought to light on screen.
Rescued hen held by Animal Equality volunteer


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