Supporter in Focus: Dawn Blomgren

Animal Equality’s work on behalf of farmed animals is made possible through the generosity of our amazing supporters. Here we meet Dawn and learn about doing the most good through donations, her love of Latin dance, and why she supports Animal Equality. Thank you, Dawn!
Dawn with her rescue dog, Honey.

How did you learn about Animal Equality and what inspired you to become a supporter?
A while back I read an analysis by Animal Charity Evaluators on how many animals were saved by each dollar donated to animal welfare organizations. Animal Equality was one of the top listed.

How and when did you first become aware of factory farming issues?
Unfortunately, when people are shopping in the grocery store, including myself in the past, they are not connected to the realities of what these animals have suffered because it has remained so hidden. At least 20 years ago or more I saw some videos of pigs in factory farming situations. It was so disturbing to watch as they are special and intelligent animals. I have also watched chickens being held in terrible conditions. My heroes are the individuals who obtain these videos. I abhor laws that prevent access to these farms.

Tell us about how you came to be involved in animal protection.
I have done a lot of thinking about where I could do the most good with my donations. This is a very subjective analysis because there are so many good organizations to support. My focus soon became that of alleviating the most suffering and factory farming with billions of animals in inhumane conditions became my main concern. These animals cannot advocate for themselves and are at the mercy of the humans who care for them.

What is your favorite plant-based restaurant, dish, or food, and why?
My favorite plant-based food is falafel – so I tend to seek out Middle Eastern Restaurants. A new Middle Eastern café – Café Ceres – just opened across the street from me and their falafel pita is fabulous. At home, I sometimes crumble the falafel a bit and put it on my salad.

Tell us something about yourselves that people will be surprised to hear!
18 years ago, I decided to get back into dancing. My main travel destinations are Latin American countries so why not learn a dance I could do on my travels. I slowly learned the Latin dances of salsa, bachata, and merengue. I then became enamored of Cuban salsa. I am not a person that goes to the gym so I find my exercise in other ways. When I dance I am exercising without thinking that it is exercise.

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