USPS Shipping Problems Kill Thousands of Chicks

Due to the chaos surrounding the United States Postal Service, thousands of chicks who were en route to farmers have arrived dead inside their shipping containers. 

TREATED LIKE MERCHANDISE: You would never dream of putting your companion dog or cat inside a box and mailing him or her across the country, however this practice is commonplace for many other animal species even though it’s been proven that they can suffer in the same ways. Pet store suppliers typically ship small mammals and reptiles across the country stuffed into containers, and the meat and egg industries are no different. Treated as nothing more than products, chicks are sent from hatcheries to farmers across the country via mail without food or water, enduring all weather extremes, rough handling, and possible accidents. 

Farmers have reported thousands of. chicks dead on arrival after being shipped through the mail.

HORRIFYING DEATHS: It’s hard to imagine the terror and confusion these animals must feel as humans put them into a dark box to be shipped long distances, and in this case, to die from being mishandled or from suffocation, dehydration, heatstroke, or starvation before reaching their final destination. But some lawmakers and farmers seem to be concerned only with their bottom line. For example, one farmer in Maine reportedly received her shipment of 800 chicks dead on arrival. “Usually they arrive every three weeks like clockwork, and out of 100 birds you may have one or two that die in shipping,” she said, as though the typical eight to 16 dead animals upon arrival were an acceptable part of business. It should also be noted that some birds shipped through the USPS are intended for 4H projects or for people who desire to house “backyard” chickens.

LIVE ANIMAL SHIPMENTS MUST END: Even under normal circumstances, shipping live, sentient animals though the mail is never acceptable. Chickens and other small animals have the same capacity to feel pain, fear, and confusion as any other species. Sheep and other larger animals raised for meat also must endure cruelty and neglect during transport as they’re shipped long distances overseas to their deaths in a slaughterhouse. This cruel practice is known as “live transport.” Because these. animals are also viewed as mere commodities, even their most basic needs are ignored during the grueling journey, and those who don’t make it are typically tossed overboard. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO: Don’t support this cruel practice. Never purchase a live animal who was shipped via mail or any other cruel transportation method, and choose plant-based foods! By going plant-based, you’re making a statement that animals aren’t merchandise—they’re sensitive beings who can feel pain. And, going plant-based is now easier than ever!