The Top Three Reasons to Stop Eating Fish

Today is the first World Aquatic Animal Day! We’re taking a moment to honor some of the most exploited aquatic animals out there: fish. Here are three important reasons why you should never eat these fascinating animals. 

FISH FEEL PAIN: It’s been widely accepted in the scientific community that fish feel pain in the same capacity that other animals do, yet because fish don’t have the same facial or vocal expressions as mammals, their suffering is often ignored. Our laws don’t even protect fish against cruel and prolonged slaughter methods that no doubt cause these animals to die in agony. 

FISH HAVE EMOTIONS: Along with being able to feel physical pain, there’s a growing amount of evidence that fish experience emotions and are self-aware. This means that when these animals are trapped, hooked, or harpooned and yanked from the water and begin to suffocate, they’re likely terrified. Fish trapped in aquafarms probably live their lives in psychological distress from the severe confinement. 

SEAFOOD IS DESTROYING THE PLANET: Fishing is a major source of ocean pollution and plastic contamination due to discarded and lost fishing material. Overfishing is a major problem, too. Fish populations are dwindling and the lack of biodiversity caused by overfishing, along with the contamination caused by aquafarms, could have disastrous results to human life. Experts predict fishless oceans by the year 2048. This is important because the ocean plays a big part in regulating temperature—it also creates fifty percent of our oxygen on Earth. 

WHAT YOU CAN DO: We can all do our part to help aquatic animals simply by not eating seafood! It’s easier than ever to leave fish and other animals off your plate with all of the plant-based foods in grocery stores and restaurants nowadays, including vegan seafood options made by brands such as Good Catch, Sophie’s Kitchen, and Loma Lunda.