Why Did The Chicken Cross The Instagram Account?

If you ask anyone who shares their home with a chicken, they’ll tell you that chickens are sweet, smart, and individualistic. Check out some of our favorite Instagram accounts that prove that chickens are friends, not food. 

Hen Stefani@hen_stephani

This Arizona resident shares her home with several different (and adorable) chicken species as well as some very funny ducks! Cakes, Pablo, Banjo and the rest of the gang are living it up in AZ.

Sammi Chicken@sammichicken

Sammi the chicken is quite the traveler, and spends a lot of her time at the beach with her human, Dave. What a lucky girl!

Boo the Roo – @therealbootheroo

Boo is a Cornish Cross rooster who was born in April 2017 and loves cuddles and exploring the house with his cat buddies and human mom. Boo is even a talented musician. 

Bree The Rescue Rooster – @breeandmerooster

Bree is a rescued rooster who sends a message of peace and compassion for all. He also loves treat time just as much as the few pups he lives with do.

By now, hopefully you can see that chickens deserve as much consideration as the dogs and cats many of us share our homes with. Animal Equality works hard to help protect these beautiful animals through education, legal advocacy, and corporate campaigns. We are currently running a campaign calling on McDonald’s to eliminate the worst abuses for chickens in their supply chain. Have you signed the petition yet?