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Animal Equality uses evidence-based approach to protect farmed animals

Animal Equality adopts an evidence-based approach to its international work to protect farmed animals by applying the principles of effective altruism.

This means we use research and analysis to determine how to do the most good with limited resources. Animal Equality conducts studies, like our Faunalytics study, in order test the effectiveness of outreach projects and to design better strategies for activism. Research also helps us to adapt our strategies as necessary to better serve farmed animals. We have learned, for example, that by loaning our iAnimal headsets and videos to other organizations and training them on using virtual reality during outreach, we can reach exponentially more people than we would alone. By sharing iAnimal with other groups, we have reduced costs while increasing public exposure to our VR 360 videos.In a recent blogpost by Animal Charity Evaluators, our Executive Director in Brazil, Vivian Mocellin, illustrated the role of research in Animal Equality’s work. Vivian pointed to recent surveys that indicate that 73% of people “feel poorly informed about how animals are treated in farms.” She added that since Brazil has been experiencing “a growth of 75% in vegetarianism,” it is the perfect place for Animal Equality’s investigations, communications strategies, and corporate outreach. Effective altruism is also one of the reasons why, for the past four years, Animal Equality has been recognized as a top charity by Animal Charity Evaluators. Click here to learn more about how we’re helping millions of farmed animals around the world.