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Take Action for Animals

Mother pig and baby in cage
Contact your Representatives
Demand that the Farm Bill keeps animal protections
Duck in a wire cage for the production of foie gras
Ann Arbor: Ban the sale of foie gras
Email Executives
Denny’s CEO and the cruelty of pigs in cages
Email Executives
Dawn Lafreeda: Oppose Denny’s animal cruelty
Email Executives
Carl Ferland: Oppose Denny’s animal cruelty
Who is Dave Kahre?
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Dave Kahre: Oppose Denny’s animal cruelty
Pig in a cage with a message asking Aldi to ban cages.
Email Executives
Pigs and hens are suffering in cages for Aldi
Who is Kevin Coveney?
Email Executives
Kevin Coveney: Oppose Denny’s animal cruelty
Finn Partners with Denny's
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FINN Partners in Cruelty