catfish on slaughterhouse conveyor belt

Demand That Kroger Drop Cruel Fish Supplier

Stop Selling Simmons Catfish

A recent Animal Equality investigation uncovered widespread cruelty to fish at Simmons Farm Raised Catfish in Mississippi, a major industrial aquaculture operation. Simmons brags about selling to Kroger, a major supermarket chain which sells Simmons products to consumers across various states. Animal Equality has sent Kroger documentation of animal abuse at Simmons, yet Kroger continues to sell Simmons products. Both companies are profiting off cruelty, and it’s up to us to end it.

“Catfish may look different than the cats we share our homes with, but evidence shows that they feel pain like all animals do. They use their whiskers to understand the world around them, the way we use our eyes and hands. Kroger is putting its reputation on the line to support a company that beheads fish while fully conscious, grinds turtles and other animals alive, and allows fish to be left out of water as they struggle to breathe. ”

Sharon Núñez
Co-Founder & President, Animal Equality