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Help Defeat the 'EATS Act'

A dangerous bill for farmed animals

A terrible law for farmed animals has recently been proposed in Congress, and we need your help to defeat it! The Exposing Agricultural Trade Suppression (EATS) Act would wipe out all the work animal activists have done to prevent sales of exceptionally inhumane animal products in states across the U.S. If passed, the EATS Act would create a race to the bottom in terms of animal welfare standards. It would give a commercial advantage to the cruelest, most cheaply produced animal products in the country, since the bill would prohibit states from banning any products on cruelty grounds. This would be a huge step backward for farmed animal welfare. We need your help to ensure that this dangerous and overreaching bill is not enacted!

Please urge your members of Congress to oppose the EATS Act using the form below.

Sarah Hanneken
“The U.S. Constitution gives states the inherent power to govern activities within their borders that impact the health, safety, or morals of residents. Farmed animal welfare is a morally charged issue that residents of many states care deeply about. Therefore, a state can lawfully restrict the sale of goods produced using practices, such as gestation crates, deemed immoral by the majority of its residents. The EATS Act interferes with this foundational principle of our country’s government – and would increase the suffering of billions of farmed animals if passed.”

Sarah Hanneken
Legal Advocacy Counsel, Animal Equality