Animal Equality's Impact Report 2022


Thanks to you, we have impacted over 26 million animals in eight countries.
Learn here about the change that, together, we are making for animals.

Dear friend,

I am thrilled to share the remarkable progress you’ve made for animals in the first six months of the year.

You are successfully advancing laws to protect animals across Mexico, from the state level to the Mexican Constitution itself.

You defended Prop 12 in the U.S. Supreme Court, saving millions of animals from extreme confinement.

And, along with actress Richa Moorjani, you released footage from an investigation into India’s dairy industry. You’ve effectively shined a spotlight on the hidden cruelties that animals endure behind closed doors.

As you will read in this report, the ripple effect of these efforts has been truly remarkable. More and more people have embraced plant-based alternatives and adopted a compassionate lifestyle to stop animal cruelty.

And we still have six months ahead of us!

Every dollar you donated, every petition you signed, and every moment dedicated to amplifying our message has played a crucial role in propelling forward our shared mission to help animals.

Together, we will create a world that celebrates compassion, respect, and justice for all.

I hope you take pride in reading about these achievements—because they are yours.

With heartfelt gratitude,

Sharon Núñez
President, Animal Equality

Sharon Núñez


In 2006, Animal Equality was founded in Spain by Sharon Núñez, Jose Valle, and Javier Moreno with one mission: to protect animals. 

In 2016, Animal Equality decided to dedicate its resources exclusively to farmed animals, which are raised and killed for food. Farmed animals suffer and die in the greatest number and are generally not protected by laws and policies. 

Today, Animal Equality is one of the most effective advocates for farmed animals in the world. 

With you by our side, we work tirelessly in eight countries—the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and India—to achieve our shared vision of a world in which all animals are respected and protected.

Thanks to your support, we conduct undercover investigations to expose what animals endure inside factory farms and slaughterhouses. We also make tangible progress for them by criminalizing abuse, promoting new laws, working with companies to update their animal protection policies, and inspiring people to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products. 

None of this would be possible without you. 

Let’s celebrate your achievements for animals from January to June 2023.


Woman holding a baby lamb



Man holding a camera



Woman using a virtual reality headset



Animal advocates protesting outside a LIDL



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Adopting a plant-based eating is Animal Equality’s main and most important message to citizens around the world. Much of our resources are dedicated to spreading compassion through our every day decisions. We include strong plant-based messaging in all our publications, especially in our investigation videos, web pages, blogs, news articles, social media, and emails. We encourage our supporters to replace meat, dairy, and eggs with delicious, plant-based foods.

That is why we created Love Veg, Animal Equality’s signature plant-based program. Its website, social media, emails, and events provide people with the information, motivation, and recipes they need to discover the diverse world of plant-based foods.

We are inspiring millions of people to help animals with every meal!

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Laptop showing Love Veg webpage



Love Veg interview on television



Inviting people to protect animals in every meal

Mexico’s latest Love Veg campaign promotes legumes as an alternative to battle the meat industry’s animal abuse. The recipe book, More Legumes to Save Animals, contains 20 delicious and easy-to-make recipes and has been downloaded over 110,000 times in just a few weeks!

Vegan tacos al pastor made of lentils
The recipe book includes a delicious lentil tacos al pastor recipe.

Inspiring Brazilians to go plant-based

Last February, we relaunched Love Veg in Brazil with the My First Vegan Recipes cookbook! Almost 10,000 people have visited the landing page, and thousands have subscribed to receive our emails, complete with information about transitioning to plant-based foods. 

Vegan breakfast with coffee.
You will find the recipes to prepare this in My First Vegan Recipes

MeatOut Day in Mexico: Motivating Dietetics students to give plant-based foods a try

On International MeatOut Day, we visited a university in Guadalajara, Mexico. Here, we offered Dietetics students two workshops about plant-based foods, illustrating their benefits for human health and animals. We also showcased iAnimal, our virtual reality project that gives viewers an immersive look at the life of factory-farmed animals. The team also delivered vegan guides to other students at the university for the entire day. 

Dietetics students preparing plant-based foods during a Love Veg workshop.

Love Veg in Italy: Animals feel, eat vegetables!

In April, we organized a large demonstration in Milan’s Piazza Duomo to spread the message: “Animals Feel.” We gave a speech to raise awareness and distributed thousands of flyers, inviting passersby to try plant-based.

Animal Equality volunteers show posters saying "animals feel" during a demonstration in Milan.

Meanwhile, we published a web page to share exclusive information about factory farming and invite people to reduce or eliminate their consumption of animal products. It includes a new Love Veg cookbook with vegan recipes provided by chefs, influencers, and other plant-based cooking experts. More than 5,000 people have downloaded it!

Recipe book by Love Veg Italy.

Indian influencers promoting the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge

We collaborated with actor and anchor Eesha G. to release a video about the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge. As a vegan of 15 years, she shared her plant-based journey, tips, and insights with our supporters. Several celebrities have also joined to promote plant-based foods, including pro tennis player Vishwajeet Sangle, and supermodel and actor Elena Fernandes. 

Eesha G. promoting the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge.
Eesha G. promoting the 21-Day Plant-Powered Challenge.

Love Veg invites people to live plant-based in Germany

Animal Equality attended the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin, which had an estimated 60,000 visitors. At Animal Equality’s stand, over 250 visitors watched iAnimal, a virtual reality project that allows viewers to see the realities of animals’ lives on factory farms. 

After watching it, Animal Equality invited people to visit the Love Veg website. This year, the website has been visited by over 8,000 people in the country. We expect this number to increase with its relaunch at the beginning of July. German supporters signing up will receive new recipes and advice for eating plant-based. 

Animal Equality's booth at the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin.
Animal Equality at the Veganes Sommerfest in Berlin.

Advancing laws to promote plant-based food in Mexico

The Commissions in Mexico’s Senate approved a bill introduced by Animal Equality and organization Alianza Alimentaria in May. If the whole Senate and the Chamber of Deputies approve, this bill would enact a General Law for Adequate and Sustainable Food in Mexico. We could then implement programs to transform Mexico’s food system into a more sustainable and compassionate one.

Dulce Ramírez, Executive Director for Animal Equality in Mexico, during the introduction of the Sustainable Food Bill.
Dulce Ramírez, Executive Director for Animal Equality in Mexico, during the introduction of the Sustainable Food Bill.

Campaign Actions

You’ve supported our campaigns to advocate for mother pigs trapped in cages. You’ve defended chickens bred to grow so large so quickly that their legs and organs cannot keep up. You have given a voice to farmed fish who are left to suffocate and die, and you’ve exposed how calves are dragged away from their mothers—never to be seen again—in the dairy industry. 

By signing our petitions, sharing our work, and joining our protests, you are initiating changes to company policies, securing legal reforms, and even closing factory farms while convicting animal abusers. To top it off, thousands of people are switching to plant-based foods to help animals.

Ending Factory Farming

Giving Cows in the Dairy Industry a Voice


We partnered with actress and dedicated activist Richa Moorjani to release footage from an investigation into India’s dairy industry. The extensive investigation took place over two years and covered 27 farms, six markets, and two slaughterhouses nationwide. As the largest producer of dairy products in the world, the issues presented by Richa extend past India’s borders, showing the cruelty behind this global industry. Richa’s strong plant-based message is reaching millions through social media, Animal Equality’s website, and press coverage.


As a response to our Dairy’s Dark Secret investigation, we created videos with actor Ayn Zoya and influencer Vyshnavi Gudivada, in which they urge the public to eliminate dairy from their diet while trying plant-based alternatives. 

Picture: Influencer Vyshnavi Gudivada watching our investigation.


Immediately following an advertising campaign by Central Lechera Asturiana—a Spanish dairy producer—we combatted its “I drink milk” slogan with a video exposing common industry practices. As we called on supporters to choose plant-based alternatives, Love Veg Spain offered them an ebook titled My First Vegan Cheeses. This ebook contains 29 recipes utilizing oat, coconut, and soy milk. Meanwhile, we called the government to stop subsidizing the Spanish dairy sector and support plant-based alternatives instead. 

Improving the Lives of Chickens

Protecting Fish


Thanks to undercover investigators, we exposed the secretive fish farming industry in Scotland. Since there are currently no laws regarding how fish should be stunned or killed, we are urging the UK Government to put meaningful protections in place for aquatic animals at the time of slaughter. The investigation was published in an exclusive with The Independent.

Advocating for Ducks and Geese

Eliminating Cages for Hens


After an 11-month campaign led by Animal Equality, the Brazilian supermarket Supernosso finally committed to eliminating eggs from caged hens in its supply chain by 2028. As the first such commitment in Minas Gerais, it will impact around 300,000 hens yearly. In Brazil, more than 95% of hens are still in cages, making commitments like these crucial.

Picture: Animal Equality’s investigation in egg farms in Brazil.


We are working with hotels in Mumbai, India, to advance its transition away from eggs produced by caged hens. Hotels like Intercontinental, Four Seasons, St. Regis, and Radisson have already progressed significantly. We are also reaching out to egg producers to urge them to eliminate cages from their farms. Just this year, four egg producers have pledged to do so.

Picture: Animal Equality’s investigation in egg farms in India.

Taking Action for Pigs

Protecting Animals in Slaughterhouses


Thousands of animals are killed in unregistered slaughterhouses in Mexico City each year, facing violent deaths without stunning. That is why we took action to close down these unregulated facilities. Last February, the Congress of Mexico City passed our bill to require prison sentences for those operating clandestine slaughterhouses, impacting more than 60,000 animals.


As the Brazilian government gives slaughterhouses more power to regulate themselves under the Self-Control Law, we exposed what happens inside illegal slaughterhouses. Undercover investigators documented animal abuse at the time of slaughter and sanitary violations that pose a public health risk. The images serve as a warning about the dangers of deregulation. Together with dozens of other organizations, we’ve filed a Lawsuit of Unconstitutionality with the Federal Supreme Court to combat the Self-Control Law. 

Picture: Animal Equality’s investigation inside illegal slaughterhouses in Brazil.

Fueling Media Attention for Farmed Animals

Thanks to your continued support, our work for animals is reaching millions of people via television, newspapers, radio, and other worldwide media. This means more people than ever are witnessing the cruelty and learning about compassionate alternatives!

Camera recording event in exterior of Mexican Senate



Television presenter




The following news organizations have featured Animal Equality’s undercover investigations and campaigns defending animals.

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Indian media recognizes Amruta Ubale’s work for farmed animals in the country

Amruta Ubale, Senior Director for Public Affairs at Animal Equality in India, was recognized by Femina Magazine as one of the leading women paving the way for a new India. She’s been recognized for her courage and tenacity in helping farmed animals. Her tireless and compassionate work has paved the way for monumental successes, such as prohibiting the import of foie gras in India and the transport of animals across the Indo-Nepal border for sacrifice. 

Amruta Ubale in the Femina Magazine.

You Can Help Animals

YOU do your best for animals every day. That is why Animal Equality will continue fighting this battle against the powerful and corrupt animal agriculture industry. We need your support more than ever to continue changing the world for farmed animals. 

Please join us to make 2023 a historic year for them!