Whistleblower Exposes Cruelty on French Slaughterhouse

Inhumane practices at French slaughterhouse shocks consumers.

An employee at the largest public slaughterhouse in France, in Limoges, has revealed horrific practices to French animal protection organization, L214.

During his time as a worker on the slaughterhouse line, the whistleblower witnessed firsthand the cruelty that occurred daily. Images and videos show workers brutally killing pregnant cows, cutting open their uterus and removing their fetuses.


Other videos show the slaughter of sheep, pigs, and cows who are still conscious, which is an egregious breach of European legislation. L214 has filed a complaint with the Supreme Court of Limoges.

The abuses, which were revealed in an exclusive with one of the largest newspapers in France, Le Monde, reveals that violations and cruelty in French slaughterhouses still occur.

L214 has exposed several cases of farmed animal abuse that have resulted in the closure of two slaughterhouses in France, most recently in March 2016 and October 2015.