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Video of 9 Million Baby Chickens Killed in Argentina Goes Viral

According to stewards of the poultry company Rasic, which remains inactive for at least two weeks, 9 million chickens have been killed. The reason explained by this inhumane industry is the lack of money. That's why they could not feed them properly, therefore, they were not going to gain any more weight.
November 21, 2015

We already know that the meat industry is not here to make the world a better place, however, we are still horrified when they reach aberrant levels of cruelty such as in the killing of 9 million small and fragile chicks without pause.

It’s happening in Argentina. The South American company Rasic, distributed under the brand Cresta Roja (Red Crest), is going through a deep economic crisis. Its workers marched in Buenos Aires last Friday to protest layoffs and wage cuts. Those who have paid the worst price have been 9 million helpless chicks. Workers recorded video of the chicks carelessly thrown into containers and then eliminated without mercy.

According to stewards of the company, which remains inactive for at least two weeks, 9 million individuals have been killed. The reason, explained by this inhumane industry, is the lack of money. That is why they could not feed the chickens properly so they were not going to be able to gain any more weight. This makes them useless in the eyes of the industry.

Instead of paychecks, the company offered boxes of chickens to employees due to lack of funds.


This is the how the industry values animal and human lives, lacking any degree of compassion or humanity.

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