UFC Fighter Nate Diaz Opens up About his Vegan Diet

UFC fighter Nate Diaz discuss his plant-based diet with Men's Journal.

As you may have heard, Nate Diaz pulled off a huge upset by defeating fan-favorite Conor McGregor earlier this month. The plant-based fighter recently spoke with Men’s Journal to discuss his diet – that has many people talking.

“I like to promote the vegan industry,” Diaz stated. “I hear a lot of criticism from people saying you need meat to be strong and for recovery, and it’s a bunch of bull, because I train harder than everybody.”

Source: Twitter

As a Stockton, California native, Diaz took a break from dairy at the age of 17 in preparation for a fight. He realized that he felt and performed better without consuming dairy, so he decided to forgo it altogether.

Soon after, he followed his older brother’s –also a UFC fighter– footsteps by excluding meat from his diet. He credits his vegan lifestyle (which is predominantly raw) for giving him the strength and endurance to train hard and succeed in the ring.

According to the article, sticking to a plant-based diet provides more energy and, as Diaz promises, “not only does your appetite naturally crave earthier foods, your body necessarily rejects the alternative.”

Nate Diaz proves that you can be strong and incredibly athletic without the consumption of animal products.