Animal Equality Asks FTC to Investigate Tyson for Misleading Product Claims

Tyson’s “humanely raised,” “natural,” and “environmentally responsible” marketing claims are false and deceptive, groups allege.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – July 2, 2020 – In a complaint filed with the Federal Trade Commission, Animal Equality, Organic Consumers Association, and Food & Water Watch accuse Tyson Foods of misleading consumers by falsely claiming that Tyson chicken products are produced in a humane, natural, and environmentally responsible way.

The complaint focuses on products marketed under Tyson’s own brand name as well as its NatureRaised Foods brand. The groups ask the FTC to investigate and take action to enjoin Tyson from continuing to deceptively represent its production practices with respect to these products.

“Meat companies cannot continue to get away with whitewashing the tragic reality of their animal welfare practices through deceptive marketing tactics,” said Sarah Hanneken, Legal Advocacy Counsel at Animal Equality. “Tyson Foods knows what consumers want to see, and they’re showing it to them. The problem is, the picture doesn’t match reality.”

The complaint includes challenges to Tyson’s marketing representations beyond those at issue in the groups’ pending lawsuit against the company.

Read the FTC complaint here.

Animal Equality thanks Richman Law Group for its representation in this matter.