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Two Women Hope to Start a Vegan Milkshake Truck

Who doesn't enjoy a tasty, cruelty-free dessert?
January 28, 2016

Two women hope to spread their love for milkshakes throughout their community. Moni Burgin and Rachel Horesovsky from Austin, Texas recently launched a fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to start their dream business – a vegan milkshake truck.

The pair’s business – which they have named Milky Way Shakes – will include vegan coconut milk milkshakes in a variety of flavors and combinations, as well as French fries for dipping. Yum!

Since coconut milk has one of the lowest environmental footprints, it only makes sense to use that as a base instead of other milk alternatives. They hope to also feature local, seasonal ingredients from farmers and make many of their ingredients completely from scratch.

Milky Way Shakes sounds like a wonderful business and incredibly delicious! To help make their dream a reality, visit their Kickstarter page. Best of luck ladies!

Kickstarter page:


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