Top Italian Foodservice Company Dussmann Ditches Cages

Italy’s foodservice sector shifts away from the cruel confinement system.

Dussmann Service has announced that, effective this month, it is banning all cages from its egg supply chain. As Dussman is the fifth largest foodservice company in the country, the policy will immediately reduce the suffering of 12,000 birds each year.

Hens kept in cages suffer tremendously. They are confined in such small spaces that they are forced to step on each other. They stand only on metal wires which cause soreness in their feet. Animal Equality’s shocking investigation into Italian egg farms that cage birds vividly shows the cruelty imposed on hens who are deprived of any opportunities to engage in natural behavior.

Dussmann and Gemos are the two most recent foodservice companies to commit to banning cages. Both decisions resulted from dialogue with Animal Equality. Other foodservice companies that have pledged to do away with cages include Compass Group, Sodexo, Aramark and Elior.

These policies make a meaningful difference for chickens who live most of their lives locked in a cage. However, cage-free doesn’t mean cruelty-free — that’s why the best way to help hens is simply to eat less eggs. It’s easier than you think! Try some tasty egg-free recipes.