This Man Has Spent Millions To Save Thousands Of Dogs In China

Many people in China are fighting for animals.

Wang Yan, a construction worker, rescues dogs from the streets and slaughterhouses in China. He has saved 2,000 dogs in the last three years in the Jilin Province. Wang, 29, began to adopt the animals after his beloved dog disappeared.

While he was looking for his dog, Wang visited a local slaughterhouse, wondering if the dog had been kidnapped by gangs who traffic these animals and take them to slaughterhouses. He never found him, however, when he saw dogs waiting their turn in that terrible place he wanted to help.

So he started working and built a dog shelter with his own two hands. Today the shelter has 200 well-fed dogs, thanks to donations. Wang has spent more than 3 million Yuan (over 443 Euros/469,158 USD) of his own money to protect the thousands of animals that have passed through the shelter.

Wang and his partner were planning to get married next month but had to postpone because they have spent the wedding’s money on food for animals in need. Currently, the shelter is going through many economic difficulties. Wang can’t afford the rabies vaccinations, which puts their lives and his in danger, as he is bitten occasionally when he rescues new strays.

Despite economic difficulties, Wang claims that his work will inspire more people and it will stop them from eating dog meat and begin to care and protect animals.

With the aid of local activists, Animal Equality’s investigators have infiltrated the Chinese dog and cat fur industry across several regions of the country for weeks, and documented the conditions in which the animals live.