There’s An Island In The Caribbean Where Pigs Swim In The Sea…

Crystal clear waters, blue skies and a scorching sun above… Sounds pretty exotic, right? Maybe the Bahamas come to mind.

However, the last thing one expects in the Caribbean is to be surrounded by wild pigs which soak up the sea and sun just like humans do. In fact, unlike tourists who often use boats to navigate around the island, these pigs just jump into the ocean and roam the sea freely with no care in the world.

This amusing encounter takes place in Big Major Cay, colloquially known as Pig Beach, and is home to numerous wild pigs which are friendly, approachable inhabitants of the otherwise uninhabited island.

Far away from the extended, industrialized, exploitative centers where animals are mere figures of production and slaughtered mercilessly, these pigs live the life all pigs should live.

It’s certainly pig paradise but shouldn’t every pig live free from pain, suffering, and exploitation? If you agree, please visit today.