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The Intelligence Of Pigs, Comparable To Elephants And Dolphins

In a study conducted at the University of Cambridge, it was found that pigs are intelligent beings capable of recognizing themselves in a mirror, and can quickly learn objects that were shown in the reflections.
October 2, 2015
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In this scientific study carried out by Donald M. Broom, an animal welfare professor at the University of Cambridge, they found that pigs are highly sensitive animals who become aware of their own existence. Moreover, their skills help them to gain knowledge that can be used later to solve complex problems.

Professor Broom stated about this study (conducted in 2009) that “if animals are socially recognized as intelligent beings, they are less likely to be treated as a food producing machines and start to be treated as sensitive beings”.

In the study, a plate of food was shown to pigs that were already familiarized with the mirror. The animals would only be able to access the food by sight, not by smell. In order to get there, they had to understand that it was only a reflection and therefore it was not behind the mirror. They also had to memorize the entire space in which they found themselves.

Several studies have shown that pigs are even smarter than dogs and cats, and they are able to solve problems quicker than many primates. Their cognitive abilities can be compared to those of a three-year-old human.

When they are given the opportunity, away from the overcrowded and inhumane conditions of factory farms, pigs are curious animals that form affinity groups, just as we do. Mothers are very protective and loving with their little ones, who love to play constantly.

How You Can Show Respect for These Intelligent Animals:

Studies have shown time and time again that all animals are sensitive beings that are able to feel happiness, sadness, pleasure, and pain. It is our responsibility to respect non-human animals – dog or pig – as the feeling beings they are. By leaving them off your plate, you are rejecting the suffering of farmed animals inside factory farms.


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