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The Cruelty Behind Industrial Chicken Hatcheries Revealed

Animal Equality's new investigation inside chicken hatcheries shows the cruelty behind the production of chicken meat.
November 25, 2015

Animal Equality presents today, November 25th, a shocking investigation into Spanish industrial chicken hatcheries. This is the first time footage of what happens inside chicken hatcheries is seen in Spain.

A hatchery is the place where eggs are hatched under unnatural conditions, baby chicks spend the first day of their lives in these industrial complexes where they are brutally treated before being sent to factory farms.

The footage filmed by Animal Equality investigators shows:

  • Baby chicks being discarded as trash while still alive.
  • Workers pulling baby chicks head off while trying to kill them.
  • Sick chicks agonizingly dying in the trash.
  • Chicks dying while being transported to the farm

Approximately 9 billion chickens are killed in the US for food. Worldwide approximately 50 billion chickens are killed.

You can end the cycle of violence these fragile and innocent animals endure. Consider reducing the amount of chicken you eat with delicious meat-free alternatives.

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