Scientist Creates Meat Without the Killing of Animals

Indian-American scientist Uma S Valeti has developed meat that comes from a laboratory, not through the slaughter of animals.

Imagine a life where people can consume meat without the killing of an innocent animal. Indian-American scientist Uma S Valeti has made huge strides to make that possible.

As a cardiologist and co-founder of Memphis Meats, Valeti has led a team to develop contamination-free meat using animal cells. He told the Press Trust of India, “We are growing meat which is safer, healthier, more sustainable.”

Source: Indiatimes

The development of this could potentially help stop animal slaughter – which would spare millions of animals’ lives. According to Indiatimes, Valeti claims that the meat grown in the lab “does not carry the health side effects like bacterial contamination, or high saturated fat or the big environmental issues” that is brought on by slaughter.

To create this unique meat, Valeti and his team took identified cells that are capable of renewing themselves from the animal. The cells are then provided with oxygen and nutrients which allows the meat to be harvested between nine and 21 days.

His team is currently working on beef, pork, and chicken since they have the highest consumption rate. “We are motivated by the thought that people can buy it off the self,” he said. “Our goal is to be in restaurants in three years and retail in five years.”

This is an incredible achievement that could prevent animals from living a life of misery and ultimately, being killed. If it becomes commercially successful, it could change the way people consume meat – for the better! It’s healthier and more humane than ordinary meat.

Valeti recently spoke with Sam Harris about the future of food production. Click here to listen to the podcast.