Over 100 Animals Confiscated from a Zoo after an Animal Equality Investigation

After Animal Equality’s investigation and report, the Mexican Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) confiscated a total of 101 animals from a zoo named “Club de los Animalitos”. Among the animals are bears, lions, jaguars, tigers and camels.

Mexico – The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) announced yesterday, February 23, that it would confiscate a total of 101 animals from the Wildlife Conservation, Management and Sustainable Utilization Units (UMA) named “Club de los Animalitos” for animal mistreatment. The zoo is located in Tehuacan, very close to Mexico City. The zoo is owned by Sergio Gomez, a member of Congress for the National Action Party.

Profepa visited the zoo to check the conditions of confinement and the legal origin of the animals as well as the enforcement of animal welfare laws only a few weeks after Animal Equality’s report on the zoo reached national Mexican media. 

On January 29th, Animal Equality Mexico documented the situation of over 400 animals living at the zoo “El Club de los animalitos”. The organization documented deplorable conditions of shocking mistreatment and neglect, animals were housed in exhibits that were extremely small and, in some cases, severely restricting. Such small spaces prevented animals from engaging in natural movements and behaviors, which are essential for their well-being causing physical and psychological problems. In some cases the organization documented how animals lived surrounded by their own excrement.

The Natural Resources Assistant Attorney General of Profepa will seek locations for the animals that are appropriate for their recovery and protection

The news has once again appeared in several national Mexican media as well as on international media such as the BBC.