Open Rescue of 6 Hens From a Free-range Farm


Animal Equality activists in Germany have rescued 6 hens, from a free-range farm.

The activists have documented the conditions at this facility, where thousands of hens were held captive in a crowded confinement. After entering one of the sheds via an unlocked door and without having to use any type of force, the activists rescued six hens, who were later examined by a vet, and now enjoy a life in freedom in a sanctuary, where compassionate people will take care of them.

Animal Equality has recorded these images because we believe it is essential that society has access to what happens inside places like these so they have the ability to think about how the animals must feel.

This is an Open Rescue, which means that the activists openly show their faces and reveal their identities, thereby taking full responsibility for their actions and its legitimacy.

As in all open rescues we carry out, we always come away filled with a sensation of sadness and impotence when we have to close the door and leave behind thousands of other animals. We are simply unable to rescue all of them, but together we can end their suffering, this depends on each one of us, by choosing ethical alternatives to animal products and removing our financial support from these industries.

With this rescue, we not only want to help these particular individuals but also to get the public to reflect on how we treat and consider animals in today’s society.